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12:59pm 01-28-2018
I'm trying to pay for 6 months by card, but the page just isn't loading. HELP!
3:13pm 12-12-2017
Pity, as this site no longer seems active and there's no contact address?
11:00am 05-23-2017
Hi i recently paid for 1 year of podcasts and signed up but cannot access the podcasts HELP chris
8:59pm 02-17-2017
I just signed up on Paypal but haven't received any passwords. Help!
1:12am 08-23-2016
I subscribed the other day and was given what I believe to be a temporary username and password. I've misplaced the paper where I had written down that information and I can not access the members page now. Is there a way to have my username emailed to me?

1:56am 06-18-2016
Can I update your website for free? It could look better. Red font on a green background is not a good thing.
8:56am 03-02-2016
Hi I have just subscribed to be a member but have no idea how to activate it I have no user name or password and am not sure if anyone knows who I am as I paid through PayPal but it didn't ask me to register or anything can anyone help? I would like to get started
5:28am 07-21-2015
Thank you so much for your efforts with teaching us Welsh. I am from the valleys and moved to Australia. I miss Wales... Not the weather but so proud of being Welsh and listening to your podcast to keep the language.

Thanks again! Please keep it up.

2:33pm 05-03-2015
I would like to download your Welsh classes but it does not work.
Any technical hint for me?
1:54pm 02-14-2015
I LOVE this podcast and appreciate you so much for creating it, Jason. The lessons are clear and of perfect length for learning, and your friendly presentation makes them fun as well as educational. My great-grandfather was a native Welsh speaker, so it's a privilege to be able to learn Welsh so accessibly. I'll support you by buying all the materials and I hope you continue to make this awesome podcast! Diolch yn fawr!